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Consulting services
Consulting services
Consulting services

To provide the services on design, analysis and management of oil-and-gas field development in accordance with a high scientific and technological standard, in 2005 we have assembled a high-performance team of professionals in geology, hydrodynamics, oil-and-gas field development and modeling, enhanced oil recovery, applied mathematics and software development, economics and ecology.

We are experienced in designing, monitoring, reserves estimation, feasibility study of oil recovery factor, analysis and management of small and large oil-and-gas deposit development in terrigene and carbonate reservoirs in all oil-and-gas bearing regions of the Russian Federation.

Our company has provided the services for designing, analysis and management of field developments for the leading Russian oil companies: 'Rosneft OJSC', 'Gazprom OJSC', 'TNK-BP', 'LUKOIL OJSC', 'TATNEFT OJSC', 'Bashneft OJSC'.

We fulfill the full range of works in geology, design, modeling, oil-and-gas field development analysis and economics:

  • Development of integrated projects for optimizing management of field development, enhanced oil recovery, improved project economics;
  • Geological modeling and reservoir simulation, monitoring and designing of the development, including the use of the Russian innovative program suite 'TimeZYX';
  • Modeling of unique fields and fields with large initial recoverable reserves;
  • Integrated geoscience interpretation, geological modeling of oil fields and reserves estimation;
  • Development and implementation of innovative technologies for offshore hydrocarbon field exploration, new technologies for revealing the unrecovered hydrocarbon reserves in developed fields;
  • Elaboration of the National standards for development, design and monitoring of oil fields, for application of software for design and optimization of the development process;
  • Expertise of geological and reservoir simulation models, project documentation.