National Centre for Development
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NC DIT 'Delta' members
NC DIT 'Delta' members
NC DIT 'Delta' members

Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry, RAS (IGEM RAS)
The Institute maintains a position of leading institution in development of the ore formation theory, petrology, metasomatism and metamorphism, genetic mineralogy and crystal-chemistry, ore geochemistry and geochemistry of the Earth mantle. It also conducts studies in the field of geoinformatics.

RDI Monitoring of Natural Resources
RDI MNR is the leading institute of regulations development in geological investigation and protection of mineral resources, geological survey and mining, monitoring of resources, expertise of scientific-research projects in natural research management.

LIT-TRAST (Laboratory of informational technologies)
The company is a resident alien of Special Economic Area (SEA) 'Dubna'. A general business profile of the company is a development of high-technology equipment for integrated simulation, monitoring and oil field development optimization.

Industrial Mathematics Group LLC (IMG)
IMG is a part of the Research and engineering group of companies TIMEZYX . The main objective of IMG work is the development of computational algorithms for realization of the real industrial projects. The full-scale algorithmic model for reservoir simulation has been developed as a basis for the TimeZYX program suite. Another IMG projects are seismic data processing and development of models for the fire extinguishing systems.

Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, RAS (IPE)
The Institute is a part of Russian Academy of Sciences and one of the most prominent centers of global and national geophysics. It performs a wide range of fundamental and applied research of physics of the Earth. The Institute plays a leading part in studying physical processes, seismicity of the Earth and physics of seismic focuses, developing models of dynamics and internal structure of the Earth, developing the theory and information technology of geophysical data processing.

Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, RAS
The Institute has a great experience in radiogeochemical studies. The key aspects of the Institutes activities are the Earth crust and mantle geochemistry, substances behavior under high pressure and temperature, the nature and features of various effects of magmatism, ore formation problems, studies of ocean geochemistry. New methods and tools are developed to control on the environmental conditions.

Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience, RAS (IEG RAS)
The Institute performs the fundamental and applied studies in geoecology, hydrogeology, geological engineering, seismology, and coordinates these studies carried out in the frameworks of federal programmes and municipal projects.

Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas
The Institute carries out analytical works on recommendations for effective management of oil and gas field development, enhanced oil recovery and production stimulation, improvement of economic parameters of fields’ development plans. The unique techniques for surface geophysical investigations and wells logging was developed by the Institute.


Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS (IO RAS)
The main objectives of the Institute lie in a complex study of the World Ocean and the Russian seas based on the idea of entirety of physical, chemical, biological and geological processes observed in them, laying scientific foundations for forecasting the Earth’s climate variability, rational use of marine resources and safeguarding ecological security in the interests of stable development of mankind.

Steklov Mathematical Institute, RAS
As a structural unit of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Steklov Mathematical Institute is a part of Division of Mathematical Sciences of RAS. The Institute is working under scientific, methodological and organizational leadership of the Division of Mathematical Sciences of RAS. The main activities of the Institute are fundamental studies for solving the problems of mathematical theory and it’s applications, complex analysis, mechanics, theoretical and mathematical physics.

Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics, RAS
Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics was formed in 1953 for solving complex mathematical problems involved in national projects of space exploration, atomic and thermonuclear energy application, etc. This goal was meant to be achieved by developing and using appropriate computer hardware and software facilities. Since its first years the Institute activity oriented to solving large scale applied problems is based on the results of fundamental scientific research in mathematics, mechanics, cybernetics, informatics, etc.

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)
Moscow University is one of the oldest Russian institutions of higher classical education (established in 1755), the centre of science and culture. MSU comprises 15 research and design institutes, 39 faculties, more than 300 academic departments, and 6 branches (5 of them – in CIS countries).

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
The University is the Russian principal higher educational institution of petroleum engineering, the principal school of the industry. Gubkin University has developed a wide research capacity, which has led to the development of many new methods of exploration, production, transportation, refining and processing of hydrocarbons. It has developed efficient educational methods and forms and formulated new R&D trends covering the whole spectrum of industry issues.

Ukhta State Technical University (USTU)
USTU is one of the largest multidisciplinary institution of higher education in the European North with a strong focus on the development of technological disciplines. It participate in the Russian community of oil and gas universities and co-operates with industrial companies of the Komi Republic, as well as various enterprises of the mining, forestry and construction industries.

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (TSOGU)
The University is the only university of its kind in Siberia and Far East. TSOGU is a first-rate research center encapsulating 18 research institutes and centers. Among the most significant customers and consumers of the scientific work of the university are the Russian Ministry of Education, and enterprises operated by «Transneft», «Gazprom», «LUKOIL», «Rosneft», and many others.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise ‘Production Association ‘Octyabr’
The Production Association ‘Octyabr’ is one of the largest enterprises of radio-electronic complex of the Russian Federation. It introduces the modern technologies and equipment of high quality, take part in the development and certification of the quality management system, develops self-evaluation criteria for awards of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of quality, provides effective and innovative solutions in the field of tool engineering.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise ‘Andreyev Acoustics Institute’
Andreyev Acoustics Institute is a research center for fundamental and applied studies in acoustics. The scientists from the Acoustics Institute contributed largely to the development of various types of hydroacoustic equipment. They developed the fundamental theory of waveguide propagation in the ocean. The research projects carried out at the institute include the development of modern computerized models of acoustic fields and the development of methods and means of the acoustic monitoring of water areas, which is important for both ecological purposes and the prediction of anomalous geophysical and geological phenomena.

Research Institute of Physical Measurements, NC
The Institute is the leading enterprise of the Federal Space Agency specializing in the development of rocket-and-space equipment and instrumentation and start-up ground constructions: sensors of physical quantities, normalizing converters, various systems of measurement, diagnostics, monitoring, management, and emergency protection.

Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, RAS
The basic lines of research of the Institute includes: system theory and general control theory; techniques of control in complicated engineering and man-machine systems; theory of control in inter-disciplinary models of organizational, social, economic, medical and biological and environment protection systems.

Center for Intellectual Resources Evaluation and Management (CIREM)
The Center is the Russian company established with the support of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), and the Association of Residents of Special Economic Zones. The Center provides services in the sphere of intellectual property protection and innovative technologies commercialization.

Self-regulating Interregional Association of Business Appraisers (SMAO)
The main objectives of the Association are as follows: to protect the members legitimate interests; to provide informative-and-legal support, conflict prevention and resolution.

TC 431
The Technical Committee on standardization «Geological studies, subsoil usage and protection» (TC 431) has been established to ensure and co-ordinate national standardization activities in the area of responsibility. TC 431 is providing the expert support for the development, agreement, and examination of national and regional standards on prospecting, exploration, and production of mineral deposits, field engineering, technical tools and equipment.

TC 23
The Technical Committee on standardization «Technique and technologies of oil and gas producing and refining» (TC 23) has been instituted to organize, manage, and co-ordinate standard-setting activities. The main objects of standardization for TC 23 include: extraction and processing of petroleum and natural gas; exploratory, drilling and extraction equipment; equipment for drilling of geological prospecting oil wells; pipeline components and pipelines; volumetric equipment and measurements; tool, technological rigging, and abrasive stuff.